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Admission Process &
Fee Schedule

Admission Process

Step 1


  • Submit following to the school:
    1. Completed and signed Application Form
    2. Signed Personal Data Protection Act Notice
    3. Signed SBIS Fee Category & Agreement
    4. Required documents as per checklist
    5. Application Fee of RM1,200
  • The Application Fee covers the administrative admission to the School for the Term and Academic Year applied for. The Application Fee is non-transferable and non-refundable regardless if the child is successful in securing admission or otherwise. The Application Fee payment receipt does not oblige the School to admit the child.
  • Payment of the Application Fee may be made via cash, cheque, credit card, online payment or JomPay. The cheque should be made payable to LANG EDUCATION SDN BHD.
Step 2


  • The admission department will schedule an entrance examination and interview for prospective students.
    • Reception – Interview with Deputy Principal & Principal
    • Primary – Entrance exam (English, Maths) and interview with Deputy Principal & Principal
    • Secondary – Entrance exam (English, Maths and Science) and interview with Deputy Principal & Principal
  • Admission of a student into SBIS is subjected to the availability of place, student’s previous/current school records and satisfactory performance of entrance examination and interview results.
  • International students will be required to have a valid Student Pass or Dependent Pass in order to be enrolled to the school.
  • The School reserves the right to contact the previous school (if applicable and relevant) to obtain further information from medical officers or other relevant persons about the prospective student for his/her admission.
Step 3


After the required assessments have been completed and (if) necessary references from external parties have been done, decisions will be made as soon as possible by the committee, typically within 3-5 working days. However, this may take a few more days when the application volume is higher.
Step 4

Confirmation of Acceptance

  • A Letter of Offer / Conditional Letter of Offer will be issued by the school to all successful applicants.
  • The acceptance of the offer must be confirmed with the payment of the Registration Fee (one-time-payment, non-refundable), Refundable Deposit and Term Fee within the timeline as stipulated in the Letter of Offer.
  • For unsuccessful applicants, a place is not offered and you will be informed of the reasons.

Visa Application for Expatriate Students​

All expatriate students enrolled in Sri Bestari International School are required to have either a valid Student Pass or a valid Permission to Study endorsement while studying in Sri Bestari International School. It is a requirement by the Malaysian Immigration Law. In the absence of such a valid Student Pass or Permission to Study endorsement, students who are involved in school trips outside Malaysia without parents accompanying them, may face problems at the immigration points of exit/entry.

Certain family members of expatriate students are allowed to accompany students in Malaysia on a Long Term Social Pass (for the duration of 12 months or according to the duration of studies, whichever comes first). This is also known as a Guardian Pass.

Please click here for the Visa Application Checklist and here for the International Student Enrolment Guideline.