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Inspiring Children Towards A Growth Mindset

Inspiring Children Towards A Growth Mindset

The underlying process that supports our children in picking themselves up once again after each setback is of pivotal importance in the process of learning and the much-needed tenacity to brave their journey in lives. As such, inspiring children to embrace a ‘growth mindset’ as opposed to a ‘fixed mindset’ will continue to be the core principle in the process of teaching and learning for both students and faculty members of SBIS.


Students will be facilitated on their progress to continue trying new strategies and seek input from others when they face challenges – be it in the pursuit of intellectual, physical or emotional development. The impetus for ongoing improvement under LESB is fundamentally anchored by a group of passionate, qualified, committed and experienced teachers who embrace the same mindset that ‘When we stop learning, we stop teaching’.

• English• Citizenship
• Mathematics• Speech & Drama
• Science• Character Strengths
• Global Perspective• Art & Design
• Malay• Physical Education
• Mandarin• Music
• Information & Communication
Technology (ICT)

Lower Primary 

Monday to Friday 7:45AM – 3PM 

Upper Primary

Monday to Friday 7:45AM – 3:30PM

Break: 9:45AM – 10:15AM

Lunch: 12:15PM – 12:45PM

Academic Calendar

Academic Year 2019/2020

Term 1 – 03rd September 2019 – 29th November 2019

Term 2 – 02nd January 2020 – 03rd April 2020

Term 3 – 20th April 2020 – 04th August 2020